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Pindrop Songwriter Series @ Sonny's Clubhouse

Nashville TN

May 12th | Acoustic | 6pm


Nashville Tour Stop @ Greenbrier Distillery

Nashville TN

March 27th | Acoustic | 7pm

Nashville Tour Stop @ True Music Room

Nashville TN

April 2nd | Acoustic | 9pm

Randi's Revival @ True Music Room, Nashville TN

January 8th | Acoustic | 9pm 

Virgin Hotel, Nashville TN

January 9th | Acoustic | 8pm

Rebel Rouser @ The Stillery, Nashville TN

January 16th | Acoustic | 8pm

PAST SHOWS (2023 Highlights)

HEADLINING: The End, Nashville TN | 18+ | $10

August 10th | Doors @ 7pm

The Cobra Mainstage, Nashville TN

October 26th | 18+ | $10

Tennessee Brewworks, Nashville TN

September 16th | Acoustic

Virgin Hotel, Nashville TN

January 31st | 7-9pm

The Cobra, Nashville TN

January 28th | 21+

Virgin Hotel, Nashville TN

May 30th | 6-9pm

CMA Fest

Pete & Terry's | June 11th | 4pm

2022 Season Highlights:

The Well Koinonia, Nashville TN

September 6th 2022 | 7pm

Dolby Atmos Open House | Vintage King

September 28th 2022 | 8:40 pm

Cabana Taps Pindrop Series, Nashville TN

October 2nd 2022 | 6pm

Virgin Hotel, Nashville TN

October 4th 2022 | 7pm

The Listening Room Cafe, Pigeon Forge TN

October 22nd 2022 | 8pm



Rachel DeeLynn : A Homecoming

The young artist shows an abundance of talent and passion for her future in the music industry, putting in hard work while never taking her eyes off her goal. It appears that she is already on her way to a promising career. She explains, “If you’re doing it for the right reasons, and you really believe in what you’re doing, it will come to you. It will take time, but it will come.”

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